Our second sponsored Syrian family has arrived!

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Collingwood's Syrian Newcomers

08.11.2017 – The Collingwood Syrian Family Sponsorship Committee is pleased to announce that the second of our sponsored Syrian families has settled in nicely.

The Diyab family arrived from Lebanon in September to join the four other Syrian families who have recently re-located here, All of the newcomers to Collingwood are are very supportive in helping each other. Support from the whole community has been nothing short of astounding in assisting these families locate schools and connecting them with housing and employment opportunities. Committee financial assistance draws to a close at the end of one year. Government financial aid expired after just six months. All of our newcomers are gratefully thriving as families, friends and neighbours, and in safety, in Collingwood.


An income tax receipt will be issued for your donation

  • 1. Subsidize travel costs to Toronto and Collingwood
  • 2. Subsidize appropriate housing in Collingwood
  • 3. Provide food for the family
  • 4. Transportation as required
  • 5. Counselling as needed regarding community orientation
  • 6. English tutoring as needed
  • 7. Assistance with pre-school or daycare as needed
  • 8. Provide assistance with public schools as needed

Our Syrian Sponsorship Committee has access to many resources that have helped reduce some of the above costs and at this time we are not in need of further donations of household furnishings.




The Syrian Crisis Explained...


Your donation to The Syrian Family Sponsorship Fund will be routed through a special donation page provided by our partnering organization, Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach.

Elephant Thoughts is a locally-based, international charity celebrated for its award-winning educational and humanitarian work across Canada and around the world.

Elephant Thoughts' generous support of this project enables us to provide you with an income tax receipt for donations of $20 or more.

Thank you to Elephant Thoughts...and, thank You!



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